In The God-Centered Homeschool, I talk about Jonathan Edwards and his many observations of spiritual truth being taught in the natural world.  One of our goals as homeschool parents should be for our children to make the connection between the physical world we live in and the spiritual truths God is communicating in the things He has made.  The Bible often uses rocks, rivers, trees, animals, weather, stars, and more to point us to divine truth.  Here are a few more examples of Jonathan Edwards’ observations from his book Shadows and Images of Divine Things.

28. As thunder and thunder clouds…have a shadow of the majesty of God, so the blue skies, the green fields, and trees, and pleasant flowers have a shadow of the mild attributes of God, viz., grace and love of God, as well as the beauteous rainbow.

35. The silk-worm is a remarkable type of Christ, which when it dies yields us that of which we make such glorious clothing. Christ became a worm for our sakes, and by His dead kindled that righteousness with which believers are clothed, and thereby procured that we should be clothed with robes of glory.

50. The rising and setting of the sun is a type of the death and resurrection of Christ.

67. He that is travelling up a very high mountain, if he goes on climbing, will at length get to that height and eminence as at last not only to have his prospect vastly large, but he will get above the clouds and winds, and where he will enjoy a perpetual serenity and calm. This may encourage Christians constantly and steadfastly to climb the Christian hill. The perfect and uninterrupted serenity and calm there is on some very high mountains is also a type of the heavenly state.

192. When the fruit is ripe, it is easily gathered; it does not cleave fast to the tree, but is ready to quit it, and is picked without rending or making any wound. So is a saint that is ripe for heaven, he easily quits this world.