“Our desire should be for God to give our children an eagle-eye for His glory everywhere they look.” – p. 24  The God-Centered Homeschool

We’re just under two weeks away from the release of The God-Centered Homeschool! I’ve received kind reviews of the book, including this gracious summary from a homeschool mom in Illinois:

“What an empowering book!  The God-Centered Homeschool provides parents with not only the ‘why’ to center your homeschool around God, but also the ‘how’ to practically implement that in your home immediately.”  

A large part of the practical suggestions in the book have to do with God-gridding. The idea is to use Romans 11:36 as a grid through which we can point our children to God in any subject of study in at least three ways. The verse says, “For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever. Amen.” Since all things in Romans 11:36 truly means all things, there is no subject in our children’s homeschooling journey which this grid cannot be applied to. Whatever they happen to be studying, it can always be connected back to God in terms of origin (from God), providence (through God), and purpose (for God). The goal of all this is that our children would see God’s glory in that subject and wonder at His greatness.

For more on God-gridding, I encourage you to check out the book once it’s released. To help you give it a try in your own homeschooling, I’ve attached to this post a basic blank God Grid. This basic grid works especially well for science and math related subjects. I’ll attach God Grids modified for use with literature and history related subjects in upcoming posts. If this is your first time using the grid, try using “rivers” as your first subject. I think you and your family will find the conversation enriching.

I hope this proves helpful as you seek to show your children God’s glory all around them!