Admittedly, writing The God-Centered Homeschool has been little more than a hobby over the past few months. For a large portion of the time I wasn’t sure I would ever actually show it to anyone.  It is a short book with short chapters, and I’m a little nervous when my friends tell me they are looking forward to it because I know what it is and what it isn’t.

It’s not flowery.  There are many important aspects of homeschooling that it doesn’t touch on at all.  Since I am not a homeschool mom, there are aspects of that experience that I cannot relate to. The book is very narrow is quite narrow in its focus. It is primarily an attempt to offer one practical way to help our kids see God in every subject they are studying. I think it accomplishes that purpose, but not much else.

In spite of my reservations, God has been gracious. I recently received this review from a homeschool mom in Illinois who read through the manuscript and offered many helpful suggestions and corrections:

“What an empowering book!  The God-Centered Homeschool provides parents with not only the ‘why’ to center your homeschool around God, but also the ‘how’ to practically implement that in your home immediately.”

Thanks, Melissa P., for a kind review.