One of the great joys of my life was leading our church in verse by verse series through Romans 8. The chapter is rich in some of the most encouraging truths in the entire Bible. I recently wrote a hymn that seeks to summarize the chapter. It can be sung to the tune of “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing” or “Here Is Love, Vast As The Ocean”.

1. There is now no condemnationPeople-singing.jpg
For all those in Jesus Christ!
He for us has borne it fully,
By His death He gave us life.

By the Spirit we cry ‘Abba!’,
We’re adopted as God’s sons,
Heirs with Christ, we’re soon to glory,
When our suff’ring days are done.

2. With creation we are groaning
For the promised day to come:
The redemption of our bodies,
Hope fulfilled when we’re at home.

While we wait the day with patience,
God the Spirit intercedes,
In our praying, He prays with us
To provide us all we need.

3. For the good of those who love Him,
For the good of those He called,
For the good of all who trust Him,
God is working all in all.

Those foreknown He did predestine,
These He called and justified.
This the chain that can’t be broken,
We will soon be glorified.

4. Oh, what praises can we utter
In response to love so dear?!
When almighty God is for us,
Then what danger shall we fear?

Neither death, nor life, nor powers,
Persecution, famine, sword,
Ever can bring separation
From God’s love in Christ our Lord.