Like Kaitlyn Baker, I recently asked Jonathan Overton, a homeschool graduate, to name the one book from his homeschool journey that he believes has had the greatest impact on his life.

Jonathan Overton for blog

His answer?

Well, he couldn’t pick just one.

To Kill A Mockingbird  – “It’s such a beautiful story about truth and justice prevailing in an unfair world. The way Atticus stood by what was right was very inspiring – it makes me want to try my hardest to do the same.”

The Hobbit – “The Hobbit is a very simple story set in a complex world…I thought it was so beautiful to see how much effort and detail was applied by Tolkien to make the story so simple, yet so thorough. (I mean, he created his own language – that is amazing!)”

Hamlet – “There were so many layers to this story, and it it was not difficult to keep up. Though the end is tragic and sad, I loved every second of the story. I thought it was such an inspired piece of literature that, as we have seen, will continue to live on because of its brilliance and complexity.”theodyssey15

The Odyssey – “So creative. So detailed. So dramatic. It blows my mind that people had to memorize this…I very much enjoyed it.”

And last but not least…

Mere Christianity – “I love how Lewis starts out this book by warning his audience that he is very new to Christianity, and that they should not just believe everything he says…He encourages everyone to look for these answers themselves. This is very humbling and inspiring. Lately I have felt the same way in my walk. I should not believe something just because I’m told to; I should search the Scriptures myself and seek truth on my own, not exclusively accepting outside influences.”