I came across this quote recently and was immediately convicted.

piper education quote

We can do nothing greater for our children than showing them the infinite value of Jesus Christ. All else is rubbish compared to knowing Him. But how can we help them see His supreme worth?

If our lives were put on the line for the sake of our faith, and our children were watching, we (by God’s grace) could show them that the loving-kindness of our God is better than life (Psalm 63:3).  We could lay our lives down at the hands of Muslim terrorists or militant Hindus and show that we would rather die than renounce the Lord we love. At an awesome cost, we could demonstrate to our children the worth of Christ.

But for most of us, God has not placed us in circumstances like that. We are to show our children that we would gladly die for Jesus by the way we live before them on Monday, Tuesday, and every other day. It is in the mundane, the ordinary happenings of our lives that we are to demonstrate how extra-ordinary our Savior is. The truth that God’s love is more precious to us than even our own lives must be exhibited in our relationships, words, priorities, and choices. As homeschooling parents, we should pray that God would use our instruction to teach our children the most important lesson of all: the supreme value of Christ.

How can you prepare yourself to teach math to your children in a way that shows your delight in the God of math? How can you prepare yourself to show them the awesome glory of God in the alphabet or conjunctions or prepositions? Since all things are from God and through God and for God, what will you do today to point your children to His worth in each subject they study?

Even more important than what you teach will be how you teach. Joy in Christ and a love for God’s glory is ultimately more caught than taught.  Yes, God must do the work. He must cause His truth to take root and bloom in our children’s souls. But don’t underestimate the impact of a parent’s example! I wonder, do the students in your homeschool feel that their faculty would gladly die for Jesus? Do your children know that you count the loving-kindness of God as better than life?

Let us find fresh joy in all that our Savior is for us today, and may our delight in Him ooze out of us in all that we say and do.