Our family is starting our 11th year of CC this year, and we continue to thank God for the ways God has used this organization to change our lives. My wife and I feel that CC has helped us reclaim our own educations, and the friendships we’ve found in our community are inestimably precious to us. CC has made our homeschool better, and has provided the accountability we need to keep us striving for excellence in teaching our children.

Some years ago I wrote a series of 24 brief devotions for use in our opening assembly on community today. Since then, a number of other CC communities have requested and used them as well. We have decided to make them available here for free download.


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In the CC community of which my family is a part, not only the Foundations parents and students but also all of our Challenge classes gather together for a brief (five minute) devotion and time of prayer before starting our community day.  Our aim in these devotions is to reinforce from Scripture the Mission and Model of CC so that our families will grow in their commitment to this vision.  We aim further to speak truths that will help cultivate community and encourage love among our families.  Finally, as the year begins to wind down, we seek to draw the attention of both parents and students to encouragements from the Bible that will help them persevere and finish well.

24 Brief Devotions TOC-page0001My hope in making these devotions available to others is that CC directors far and wide might be encouraged to seize a few minutes each Classical day to speak God’s truth to the parents and students in their communities. God’s Word has an amazing ability (when blessed by the Spirit) to touch hearts and nourish God-centered vision, joy in learning, and peace in relationships. These devotions bear no remarkable qualities, and may not always be the best fit for your community. My desire, however, is that directors might find inspiration here to help them as they seek to speak into the lives of the families they serve.

Together, let’s continue pursuing the great mission to know God and make Him known.

Download here: PDF FORMAT:  24 Brief Devotions    WORD FORMAT:  24 Brief Devotions

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